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In addition to the basic commercial software functions the iCshCube has a lot of different extra services, that you will deem very important and indispensable in a relatively short period of time.

The iCashcube sysm was designed by us in a way, so that it is easwy to change devices- in case it is necessary- and your work flow can continue where it was interrupted previously for aqny reason.

Simultan operation
Extra services

The sales system in itself  - and with any other corporate governance sytem – can be used parallel. Our R and D team made serious efforts and survey to add functions that are integrated with the iCashcube system, that shall lead to the changes and renewal of commercial softwares from square one.  

Integrational services



The iCashbue is commercial software that is functioning on a secure base, and helps you make your notions come true as your true partner.

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