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You can track both the operation of your cash registers and your employees' workflows



With the help of Shoma you can manage your shops on/with a PC. Either more shops, or as groups, or individually or regionally. You can follow and track the items being sold through a PLU. You can make comparisons, statistics, statements either for one cash register, for one shop or for all the shops, depending on your requirements and changing needs. You can manage the stock of inventory being loaded, and see the actual sales on a minute-by-minute frame, or if need be the revenue(s).


The revenue, turnover of yourshops are noterely presented by numbers, but we provide infographics to make them more user friendly and make it possible that certain anomalies are highlighted so you can see them easier and react faster

Register of Products

Up-to-date managent of  your inventory and tracking of your orders. The system will automatically notify you if it is starting to run out of a product.

Cash Register manageme

You can track and monitor each and every function and happening of your cash register depending on your settings, so that it will send you messages, alerts, notifications to you to you phone, or tablet.

ShoMa App

With the help of Shoma the user can follow the events happening in his /her shop(s) via a mobile or tablet minute – by – minute making it possible to see the sales data of the shops, actual up-to-date data of the inventory. Can make comparison, statistics, statements per cash register, user, shop group or according region/city/district.

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