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VM Ware
Dedicated hardware
Dedicated GSM connection
Closed communicational network of the telecommication service providers

Infrastructual solutions


Efficient and diverse infrastructure solutions

We have developed new systems that allow us to simplify the administration / control of the commercial sector so that we can create a more transparent and cleaner economy.

Our Tax Authority Systems


The user can follow via mobile/tablet/PC by a minute-to-minute tracking, regarding the sales numbers for the shops, shop groups, sales statistics, up-to-date revenue numbers, inventory- Can make comparisons, statistics, statements, per cash register, user, shop groups, region/city/district.

Shop Manager System

ShoMa brings the commercial sector to new area as it comprehensively covers commercial processes. From shoe to coat principal the Shoma can manage the order management, statements of the shop , revenue and turnover of the shop to customer feedback, on a minute-by-minute following system thus can manage the to-do list regarding the shop’s management.

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TIM authority (admin)

The TIM system can easily be calibrated to be country-specific. It takes into account international trade legislation for that country, the country's tax system, the specific sales tax, legal standards…

Cash register central management, analysis service, communication frontend systems, big data components, management tools - all included or applied by the TIM system.

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Tax Information Manager

The central tax authority system can manage all online devices and manage tax inspections, control and control campaigns

The structure is part of the mobile tax monitoring system that is able to handle, manage and display the cash registers traffic, revenue, cash content and tax identification forms related to all tax audits.

It is part of the service tax authority concept that the tax authorities can provide taxpayers with online mobile sites that can track sales, revenues and even inventories for their business or business network.

System family



Shop Manager


Tax Information Manager

On-line automat
On-Line invoice
On-Line cash register

The central system is able to handle online cash registers, accounts, and even vending machines.

Central Management System

TIM tax inspector (user)

Inspectors will be notified on their tablet or cell by the central HQ of the Tax Authority regarding the locations of inspections, their tasks where to go and what to check, inspect.  Then they will fulfill their roles and responsibilities, tasks and perform the checks online

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