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Thanks to TIM, audits have accelerated and become more efficient. Thanks to the logical structure of the system and its support functions such as the allocation of inspectors based on a geolocalization algorithm or the multifaceted display of a transparent network of ownership circles.

The most complex indexed search engine has been integrated into the system, which makes taxpayers, cash registers and sites more accurate and logical to be inspected and checked

Inspectors use their tablets to capture their day-to-day control tasks, and they also complete the verification questionnaire with the tablet and then sent to the center online

„On the same page with the country”

TIM can be quickly and easily adapted to the tax system of the current country. We can help with the development of any incomplete legal framework with a number of methods developed.

Whether you need to process data from new online cash registers or process data from e-commerce, TIM is ready for all your challenges


Tax Information System

TIM is a sytem that is used by different states and actually can make a leap of faith into the commerce of the XXIst century as a revolutionary online commercial system.

Lets whiten the economy with the assistance and help of TIM. Lets build a better , new future together!

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